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Who is running Red Panda Inu?

This information will be held as a surprise until the project takes off, then, and only then, will our team reveal ourselves. The reasoning is because we do not wish to be manipulated/taken advantage of by other individuals who may have our information.

What is the taxes on Red Panda Inu?

The Taxes are 10% in total, 6% liquidity, 3% redistributed back to the lovely HODLERS, and finally, 1% for a dev fee.

Will there be manual burns?

Ontop of the 75% of the coin that was already burned, our system also automatically burns tokens and we will manually burn tokens once a month, every month, starting March 1st. 

What makes your coin unique?

Holders of the coin will be given a chance to win one of our Legendary rating NFTs, valued at approximately $2,500. Additionally, we will be opening up game servers soon on popular games such as Minecraft and Garry's Mod.

When will the NFTs be released?

The plan for NFT release is date is in late March, during spring break. We will release 2,500 NFTs then, then 2,500 three months later, then 2,500 NFTs, 3 months later, and then ending off with the final 2,500 NFTs.

How do I know this isn't a rug pull?

You don't. That is what the cryptoworld is, it is full of mysteries that you have to take chances on. All I can say is, don't miss out on this like you missed out on Bitcoin.

Why is the Marketcap so low?

The reason for a low Marketcap is because we are trying to start from the bottom and rise to the top. We hope to have Ethereum prices by 2025.

Perks of having the most coins in the crypto project?

The individual with the most coins in the Crypto at the end of September will receive our highest NFT, with its rarity being the "One of a kind"

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